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We, Prudential Travels Pvt. Ltd.

“Prudential Travels Pvt. Ltd.” is a Total Manpower Solutions Company, incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956. We are authorised by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India to operate as Recruiting Agents, vide their Licence No. B-0149/MUM/COM/1000+/5/6283/2003.

Our computerised, state-of-the-art office is located in the commercial capital of India – Mumbai.

We, Prudential Travels Pvt. Ltd. are happy to introduce us as one of the leading manpower recruitment service provider with very vast network PAN India. We are specialised in hunting the manpower for Civil/Mechanical Construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Hospitality, Medical, Paramedical, Facility Management, BMS and Allied Industries starting from lower category to top management positions.

Over the period we have clearly established ourselves as a major force in the Recruitment and Consultant business. The company focuses on serving the clients with well qualified, experienced and loyal Manpower only after detail understanding of the trade and industry of the client.

Prudential’s Goal – To provide Total Recruitment Solutions.

In a world where talent is the cornerstone of success, Prudential Travels Pvt. Ltd. stands as a trusted partner, a beacon of innovation, and a guardian of integrity. We do not merely navigate the dynamic landscape of recruitment; we sculpt it with a commitment to innovation and an unwavering adherence to our values. Our team is not just a group of individuals; it is a powerhouse of collective brilliance, continuously pushing the boundaries to redefine the standards of excellence in the realm of manpower solutions.

As we move forward, our team remains our greatest asset, and their dedication mirrors our commitment to fostering relationships based on trust, transparency, and efficiency. We don’t just promise excellence; we deliver it, making Prudential Travels Pvt. Ltd. not just a service provider but a partner in the journey of organizational success. In the tapestry of talent acquisition, we are not just a thread; we are the vibrant colors that weave the narrative of triumph for our clients and candidates alike.

Where do we stand in the market?

Prudential Travels Pvt. Ltd. is uniquely placed to deliver practical, useful pragmatic and innovative recruitment solutions to the trade and Industry. We work in partnership with various brands internationally and domestically.

Our Network PAN India

Over the years we have developed an extensive supply chain network throughout labour rich states of India . We do release the advertisement locally , identify the applicants directly which helps us in doing away with middlemen. Check where our roots are

Our Team

Our Board of Directors, Team of Recruiters, and Customer Care Service Executives possess exceptional talent, creativity, and proficiency. Their rich experience in working with multicultural and pluralistic environments allows us to cater to a diverse range of customers. Our Board provides strategic guidance, while our recruiters source top talent globally, and our customer care team ensures exceptional service for all. Their skills and expertise make us a truly inclusive organization.

Our Confidentiality & Ethics

This is the cornerstone of our organization and one of the main reasons for our success. We treat all companies and individuals’ information in the strictest confidence

Our mission is to meet each of our client's Human Resource needs with promptness and well-matched placements.

Our Process

Our Market research and marketing team are closely monitoring the development in the gulf region along with hands on information on the labour market trend in the labor rich states of India. We keep constant touch with our clients. We always try to educate the manpower importing companies with latest rules and regulations laid on by our Government and also the real state of demand of workforce who are eager to migrate to gulf. Our strong link with trade training and test schools in India help us in sourcing and evaluating the right work force.

Team Excellence

At the pulsating core of Prudential Travels Pvt. Ltd. beats the heart of our success – a team of exceptional individuals, each contributing their unique talent and proficiency. Our ensemble, from the astute Board of Directors to the dedicated Recruiters and empathetic Customer Care Service Executives, stands as a collective force driving our journey of excellence.


Upholding confidentiality and ethical practices is not merely a practice for us; it is the cornerstone of our organizational culture. The trust our clients place in us is sacred, and we recognize the weight of that responsibility. We operate in a realm where discretion is not just a choice but a non-negotiable value. Confidentiality is not just a policy; it is a pledge ingrained in our DNA, ensuring that every piece of sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and guarded with the highest ethical standards.

Mission Statement

Our mission is not a lofty statement but a daily pledge, a commitment that we live and breathe in every interaction. It is a promise to our clients that their Human Resource needs will not just be met but surpassed with a rare combination of promptness and efficiency. Each placement is not a transaction; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. In the intricate dance of talent acquisition, we don’t just participate; we lead, ensuring that each placement is a strategic alignment that resonates with the ethos of our clients.


Director - Medical Recruitment

Dr. Pushparaj


Mrs. Roopa P. Shetty

Managing Director

Mr. H.S.Shetty


Mr. H.P.Shetty

Our location

‘Prudential House’
G-11, Munshi Estate, Behind Gokul Hospital, M.G Road Mulund (W), Mumbai – 400 080 (India).

Telephone : (+91-22) 2168 5000 (100 Lines),

(+91-22) 2591 6477 / 78 / 79, 2593 1194 / 95

Mobile : (+91) 99202 80742

E-mail : manpower@prudentialtravels.net
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